The trip done in August 2003 was 7,330km long and covered Pt Augusta, Coober Pedy, Alice Springs, Tennant Creek and home via Longreach (the birthplace of Qantas). The trip took three weeks and apart from one hop of about 700km, was very leisurely.

Unfortunately I lost my images for part of the trip. The section prior to Alice Springs was accidentally deleted so the pics of the underground room and the road train have been scanned from postcards.

The route taken started at Sydney and travelled west to Port Augusta and then north up the centre as far as Tennant Creek.

In Coober Pedy. An underground house cut into a hill to escape the 60 degree heat in summer. This is a scan from a postcard but was viewed by us along with complete churches underground.

A Road Train (three trailers 140 tonne, 62 wheels and 53.5 metres long). We struck some four trailers long. Overtaking is a hazard as they travel at 110kph or more.

Barrow Creek Roadhouse. These roadhouses are about 200km apart and provide petrol, drinks, meal facilities, sometimes with accommodation as well.
They are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Barrow Creek Roadhouse. Inside looking out.

The old Barrow Creek telegraph station.

Camel riding at Stuarts Well south of Alice Springs.

This poor camel has a bit of a load!

The Devils Marbles - between Alice Springs & Tennant Creek.

A signpost to the world - Mt Isa

Mining town of Mount Isa

Our stylised room at the motel in Mt. Isa - we were in the "Bank" second last room.

Cloncurry water supply - Chinaman Creek dam - a favourite picnic spot.

Very small termite mounds Cloncurry. We have seen them built up to twelve feet high in Western Australia.

Cloncurry "Airport" - the birthplace of the Flying Doctor.

Camel Saddle Hill - Cloncurry

Railway station - Cloncurry

Typical old Queensland house - built high to increase air flow in hot weather.

Typical outback country pub - Wyandra.

Morning tea break south of Wyandra.

Not much in the way of trees out here! A roadside "dunny" (toilet) for travellers.

Windmill for pumping water up from subterranean bore.

Little old country town - McKinlay. The streets are wide so as cattle can be driven down them

A corrugated galvanised iron house at McKinlay. Must be hell in the middle of summer!

The original Qantas hanger in Longreach.

The original administration centre and booking office of Qantas.

A jumbo "exhibit" at Longreach. Goodness knows how they landed it at this country airport.

The Stockmans' Hall of Fame. A museum of the outback.

Bougainvillea creeper at Longreach

Artesian bore at woolscour, Blackall

Shearing shed at woolscour, Blackall

Bottle trees down centre of the Blackall main street.

The Murray-Darling River flag.

The "Jandra" paddle wheel boat.

On the Darling River.

Cultivation of jojoba. The oil extracted is used in cosmetics and sold worldwide.
The seed (scattered on the ground) tastes a bit like almond.

Open cut gold mine - Cobar.

Dubbo plains

Yes! There is a place called Dunedoo

The old hotel at Dunedoo

Our motel in Mudgee - last port of call.

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